Fear. It’s a terrible thing. It’s even worse when the fear is thrust upon you; when you are made to feel afraid. But the truth is this: no one can make you feel afraid, you either choose to be afraid or not to be afraid. We are living in a time of great fear. But should we really be afraid? We should be cautious, for sure, but should we really be afraid, with all the information available to us? If all you listen to is the mainstream news and the government, you are likely terrified. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our government (and governments around the world) into Nazi-like dictators, heavy-handed overlords who seem to be enjoying their new levels of power. The control exerted by both leftwing and rightwing politicians is staggering. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – who seems to be living in the shadows – loves the added power. Ontario Premier Doug Ford also appears to relish his new found power. 

Ford, it should be stated, ran as a Conservative, but he might as well run as a Liberal in the next election, because that’s exactly how he is acting. Implementing insane fines for gatherings, parroting the tired narrative the Liberals have been parroting for months. Where do they get the information they use to push their fear? The World Health Organization. That’s right, the Canadian government, along with many other governments around the world, are still listening to the WHO. 

At this point, I’m not sure why anyone would be listening to the entity that covered up Covid until their masters in China contained it in their own country. The same group of ‘experts’ who told the West there was nothing to worry about when they in fact knew the virus could turn into a pandemic if swift actions weren’t taken. By the time the West knew what was going on, it was too late. This is where our leaders get the information they then use to keep Canadians (some, not all) locked in a cycle of fear.

The CDC is just as guilty as the WHO. Both organizations have continued to flip-fop back and forth, move the goal posts as they see fit. First masks didn’t work. Then months later we we’re told masks do work. There are thousands of doctors and scientists around the globe speaking up and refuting the narrative set forth by the few and pushed by the many. Why is it in Canada (and elsewhere) doctors who want to speak out, can’t? And if they do, they are silenced. Why? 

Ontario Conservative MPP Randy Hillier has spoken with doctors who disagree with the way our government is handling the virus; about the way we are treating it. Hillier released a video on his website on September 22, in which he stated doctors have told him they are afraid to come forward. In a new video released October 3, Hillier says some doctors are finally speaking out, but at what cost to them and their careers? 

Why all the fear mongering? Look at the numbers. Canada has a population of roughly 37.8 million people. To date we have had 166,156 confirmed cases of Covid-19. We’ve had 9,482 casualties. There are currently 16,432 active cases. 126 (1%) of these cases are critical. Now we hear the daily numbers of confirmed cases are rising. With the amount of testing, wouldn’t the numbers be expected to rise? 

One death is one too many, but we’ve shut down the country (and the world) over a virus that is nowhere nearly as deadly (except for the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions) as we’ve been lead to believe. In 2018, the number of deaths from the flu and pneumonia in Canada were 8,511. Clearly Covid-19 is worse than the flu, but it’s not the plague the ‘experts’ predicted and continue to sell us.

One early prediction, back in February or march, had the total deaths worldwide in the tens of millions, twelve million deaths in China alone. Now we know this didn’t happen. At this point Covid-19 looks to be on the same level as the Hong Kong flu that wiped out an estimated 1-4 million people worldwide between 1968-1970. Woodstock, the historic concert that attracted more than 400,000 people, was held in the middle of the pandemic. Granted, it wasn’t held during the virus’s peak.

The world didn’t shut down in 1968. The governments didn’t act like Nazis and have their law enforcement agencies acting like Gestapo. The world economy wasn’t brought to its knees. Businesses weren’t destroyed (one estimate has 60% of closed businesses in the United States never reopening). A recent article placed the number at 90% for concert and live performance venues in North America. 

An article on RedState.com, from July, claims that in May of this year 600 physicians of all specialties sent a letter to the President of the United States. This is one of their warnings: “The millions of casualties of a continued shutdown will be hiding in plain sight, but they will be called alcoholism, homelessness, suicide, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. In youths it will be called financial instability, unemployment, despair, drug addiction, unplanned pregnancies, poverty, and abuse.”

Why do governments refuse to listen to anyone but those inside their own echo chamber? Could it have something to do with the fact that, as lawyer Rocco Galati (who is suing the Canadian government, along with a few other entities) pointed out in a provocative interview with Rebel News, vaccines for Covid-19 could be worth somewhere between 3 and 90 trillion dollars? Follow the money.

So businesses have been destroyed, families bankrupted; people have lost their jobs and the Canadian government has nearly doubled its debt in seven months, for something the world has dealt with a number of times before? It has been a total overreaction by those in charge. A reaction that has put Canada in serious financial trouble. According to the Canadian Debt Clock, the country’s debt grows by $39 million per hour. These number don’t include the hundreds of billions the Liberals have pissed away in the last seven months. This is unsustainable. 

And yet people don’t want to hear these numbers. They don’t want to look outside the mainstream news to find information that refutes almost everything the government ‘experts’ tell us. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to believe that the government is here to take care of us; to look out for our best interests. I don’t care who’s in power, blind faith in government is dangerous and leads to situations like the one we find ourselves in today.

During the peak of the pandemic, few people were wearing masks. Why? Because the WHO and the CDC and many government ‘experts’ said they didn’t work. Then out of the blue, once the so called curve was flattened, suddenly masks worked and became mandatory in a lot of places. There are no set rules for masks. You can wear a bra or a pair of underwear, as long as your face is covered. Does that make sense? 

And yet as time goes on, we are seeing more and more people wearing masks. Not just to pop into the grocery store or the gas station. People are now wearing masks while they are driving in their cars, alone. People are walking outside wearing masks, by themselves. People are at the lake wearing masks. Outdoors, where the chance of catching the virus is almost zero. Its ridiculous. And the fear in the eyes of some of these mask wearers is haunting. People are terrified. They shouldn’t be.

During the 1968 pandemic the elderly and the most vulnerable were isolated; those who were sick were quarantined and the world went on with its business. The collateral damage is going to be far worse than Covid-19, as thousands of doctors around the world have already warned. In some places suicides are up ten fold. People are in despair, filled with fear because that’s what their government and their tv sets tell them. “Be afraid.” “Don’t think for yourself.”

Life Site News posted an article on October 2, in which Ontario doctor Kulvinder Gill recommends people stop clicking on the media’s “dangerous headlines” and stop listening to the news. It’s all fear mongering. Journalists and newscasters simply parroting the information the government is parroting from the WHO and the CDC.

In the article, Gill was quoted, from her Twitter account: “It’s not whether [governments] should impose more lockdowns/restrictions. [The] actual debate: current [government] lockdowns & draconian restrictions are catastrophic, unethical, unscientific, unconstitutional. It’s time to follow (Sweden) & return to our old normal.”

Sweden, as many scientists have repeatedly said, should be the model the world uses going forward. In August, William Sullivan penned an eye-opening article on Sweden and their response to the pandemic. Here’s one quote: “Basically, Sweden did the exact opposite of what most Americans tragically still believe are the necessary requirements to reach the outcome that Sweden has achieved.” 

(Read the above article and see what Sweden has accomplished without having to resort to absurd overreach and abuse of power.)

It’s time to stand up. It’s time for people to stop cowering in fear and get back to living. It’s time for people to educate themselves, to stop relying on the mainstream media. The amount of information available – from reputable sources; doctors and scientists – is staggering (and a bit overwhelming), but the truth is out there, if you care to take the time to search it out. 

Use common sense, stay informed and stay healthy.



We scattered your ashes out in your favourite place; the ridge overlooking the lake that goes on forever. The place where you would ride your dirt bike for days on end and pose for photographs high atop the cliffs. It seems fitting that your final resting place would be so far from civilization; far from the madness of the concrete confines of the city cage where you lived and worked and dreamed about a future life in the wilderness.

The trees, rocks and water that brought you back time and time again with the promise that you would one day retire in this place you called “Paradise,” surrounded us as we said our final goodbyes. It was your plan to live out your years among the wolves, bears, foxes, eagles and other creatures and critters that populate this place. This was God’s Country for you, and you longed to come home – spirit and flesh joined together for eternity.

Unlike you, dear one, we didn’t ride the winding trails and navigate treacherous terrain to deliver you to your resting place. We came by car, as far as the road would bring us. We hiked the rest of the way, your mother and I. It was your day of birth – Nov. 29th – and despite the forecasted rain and cold, the skies opened up early in the morning and the sun blessed us with its warmth. It was as if you and your sister had pulled a few strings with the creator.

As we slowly made our way to the place in the photo – the one where you are sitting on your dirt bike, perched perilously close to the edge of the cliff – we talked about you as if you were there with us. And you were there with us, whispering on the wind as we negotiated the final steps to where the photo had been taken so long ago.

It was a production getting your ashes out of the box (“don’t waste any money on a fancy urn,” you always said). I forgot to bring a knife, so I used my house key to cut open the plastic bag that held your powdered remains. I took a deep breath and secured myself safely inside the pine tree that lives at the edge of the cliff.

As we took turns scattering your ashes, a strong gust of wind came and carried you out into the canyon, down among the trees and into the lake below. It was beautiful. Some of your ashes clung to the base of the tree, and your mother said, “the tree will grow bigger now.”

After we finished scattering your ashes, we found a giant rock and sat for awhile. The pain and stress of the last two months came crushing down on my heart like a load of gravel. I was overwhelmed with emotion. Thoughts of you (and of my mother, who died shortly after you passed away) knocked the wind from my chest. For a second I thought my heart might crack wide open. “We love you, Bill,” I said. “We love you.”

As we made our way back to the car, the stress and anxiety of what has been a hard year melted away. You were at peace. It felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from my heart. Your mother would later say the same thing. She felt your presence out on the cliff, and she was happy you were finally home.