Cancel This

Recently a musician in a famous hard rock band was caught in an embarrassing scandal. The musician, whose name and band are irrelevant here and now, found himself an unwilling player in a web of deceit that included video of him and a young woman engaging in online sex. The news first reported the female in question was under age, but the girl herself came forward and cleared that part of the story up. The relationship (as it were) the girl stated, was consensual and initiated by her. At no time was she underage. 

So why am I writing about this? After all the dude is in a heavy metal band, is it really a big surprise to anyone he got caught wacking his mole on video? (for the record I did not watch the video in question.) I mean, don’t all heavy metal musicians worship the devil and record themselves fapping? Of course not. That idea was as preposterous decades ago when a younger version of myself raised his fist and raged along with many of my hard rock and heavy metal brethren as it is today.

Again, why am I writing about this. Truth is, I had no plan on writing about some guy in a band doing what most people do in secret all the time (and what politicians get paid to do daily). But as I was walking along a driftwood scattered beach on an overcast and dark, but beautiful day in Ontario, Canada, the musician and his predicament kept knocking on the back door of my mind. While I was dodging waves, adjusting my toque and zipping up my coat to stave off the biting wind that was blowing across the great lake along which I was trudging, I found myself annoyed at the self-righteous cancel culture infecting every corner of our society.

I paused and prayed for this musician, as I did the night I first read the story on a rock music site (hey, I’m a music junkie, I read about, write about, play, sing and breathe music). As I continued my walk, I thought about the article and the bass player. At first I thought the scandal was just an attack on this person – whom I’ve never met and don’t know, but whose music I enjoyed when I was younger – the further I read, though, I found out it wasn’t attack, it was true. Well, some of it was true. 

The musician released a statement admitting he was caught up in something he was ashamed of, something that was private, but that some of the facts were being misrepresented in an effort to harm him. In today’s age of cancel culture, the leftist thug mob is ever ready and on the prowl – pitch forks and torches in hand – to find any reason to cancel (destroy) anyone who stumbles. The pious mob is not above eating its own, but more often than not their targets have opposing views. 

The minute I read the story, I knew the so-called ‘woke’ mob, a group in my estimation a mere heartbeat away from death if they were any less awake, would be gunning for this musician. Not because he’s part of a very successful band (although the self-righteous rabble love to build up and tear down their heroes), but because he is also a Christian and a pastor. I could hear the knives and swords being sharpened as I moved to another music site that allowed comments. I knew what was coming. 

The were comments from people who didn’t think it was a big deal. Others thought it was funny – one commenter said something to the effect of, “finally, someone in the metal community doing something metal” – others swung their self-righteous swords and thrust their daggers forward, wailing and gnashing their teeth as they attacked the musician because he was a Christian. As if being a Christian somehow keeps a person free from temptation or folly.

The sheer joy in which some commenters took in the musician’s dilemma was vile, contemptible and disturbing. People were happy to see a man who has preached and shared his faith openly for decades (never in a self-righteous way that I’ve witnessed), a man who has played in a band many of them claim to like, fall and fall hard. If the musician in question was a professed atheist, these same people wouldn’t have had much to say other than to make light of the situation. Hell, they’d likely be praising his actions like they do every other degenerate thing pop culture cultists embrace.

Mark Hall, leader of Christian rock group Casting Crowns (a side note: I’m not a big fan of so-called ‘Christian’ music, but I do like Casting Crowns) has said: “I don’t think it really bothers the world that we [Christians] sin. It bothers the world that we act like we don’t.” Maybe this is why when a professed believer trips up and does something stupid (stupid being relative, because we’ve all done things we wouldn’t want posted online for the world to see), atheists and non-believers get excited and go on the attack. 

I have no doubt the musician in question, who has already admitted to his misdeeds (yes, I know it’s because he got caught), is now being forced to take a step back and evaluate his life and decisions. I honestly believe out of this all too human moment will come grace, forgiveness and a testimony that will make the man stronger and allow him to help others who have fallen to see that making a mistake is not the end, it’s simply a chance for a new beginning. 

The truth in all of this is that the whole sad event has nothing to do with anyone but the musician, God, his wife and family. It’s really none of my (or your) business. The video was leaked in order to destroy the bassist for doing something in private that, while misguided, was between consenting adults. I imagine the torch carrying cancel mob who have it out for the musician (and desperately hope his career will be over), wouldn’t want any of their dirty secrets to come out. 

These are crazy times, and even the strongest among us are finding themselves in mental distress. People are going off the deep end every day; believers, non-believers, men, women, young, old, famous, not famous. People are acting out of character, acting up and feeling hopeless and lost. We need more love and less hate. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. And as the greatest man who ever lived once said, and I paraphrase, “let those without sin cast the first stone.”

(May 2021)

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